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Image of Long  Dress/Caftan - One Size - Celtic/Ethnic Design  - Great for Lounging

Long Dress/Caftan - One Size - Celtic/Ethnic Design - Great for Lounging


This hand woven and stunningly hand block printed cotton dress/caftan is amazing on!
I put it on - and didn't want to take it off. It is luscious beyond description!!!!!
It just flows and drapes around the body. Making you feel free and comfy and strong and playful and sophisticated and relaxed and like you're in an exotic land.

I know! That sounds like contradictions - but it really is all those.
Perfect combo of dress and caftan for these times when we want to feel supported, relaxed, comfy and also be able to go out for groceries or a coffee without having to change.

Treat yourself and you'll experience what I am trying to say.
I kept the first one for myself - that should tell you a lot:):):)
You can go straight from working at home to lounging around to doing errands to looking fabulous on zoom, to going out with friends, to going on an exotic trip.....
It dresses up those leggings beautifully.

It fits size S - Plus.
Center front and back length: about 45/46". Drapes longer over the legs.
Model is 5'5".

The fabric is 100% cotton - masterfully hand woven and hand block printed by skilled artisans in India. Occasional irregularities are the signature marks of hand woven and hand block printed fabrics.
I lay out my pattern strategically to get this stunning look.

I wash and dry all fabrics before making the garments.

best to hand wash cold, line dry on a hanger with anti slip foam.
But: you can machine wash cold inside a lingerie bag, delicate cycle.
Take out of the bag, shake it out.
Tumble dry for a few minutes to remove the wrinkles and line dry.

No bleach, no perfume, no color fasteners in the detergent. No dryer sheets.
No woolite. Those are hard on all fabrics. Use a simple detergent.
And enjoy your caftan dress for a very long time.

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