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Gemstones & Birthstones


January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine
April: Diamond, Crystal
May: Emerald
June: Moonstone, Pearl
July: Ruby
August: Peridot
September: Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
October: Opal, Tourmaline
November: Citrine, Yellow Topaz
December: Turquoise, Tanzanite

About Gemstones**

Throughout history, civilizations have used gemstones, crystals and rocks for their healing properties. They have been used for their power to protect from negative influences, to release mental or emotional blockages, to enhance qualities that we already have, to attract qualities that we want in our lives, to facilitate well-being, to assist in getting through tough times and to facilitate the free flow of energy in our bodies.
Many of us have experiences in wanting to wear a certain necklace, or a certain color, or certain texture, when we want to feel a certain way. Similarly, stones can be used as a medium to achieve a certain emotional or mental state.

Agate usually has stripes running through. It's a type of chalcedony that comes in a variety of types and colors. It is often named by it's color/pattern (e.g. blue lace agate) or the area/country where it is mined (e.g.Botswana agate).
Agate has cooling effects, helps settle the nervous system, promotes strength and stamina.

True amber is fossilized sap resin that came from ancient pines. Most amber on the market today is tree resin.
Amber is very light and floats. It is best known in it's honey color, but it also comes in green, black, red-orange. 

Beautiful shades of lavender to deep purple. Amethyst geodes cut open are one of the most fascinating formations.
Amethyst is promotes mental clarity and stability.

Used for thousands of years in royal adornments in many different cultures.  Egyptians considered it to be a stone that highly supports their life force and power. Chinese believed it to be blood cleansing and deflecting harm to one's body. In modern history carnelian is viewed as a second chakra stone that brings out one's power and life force and creativity. Carnelian has lush orange-red colors - from light to very deep .
Wearing carnelian can make us feel stronger, more creative, less vulnerable and bring out the fire/light in us.

this sweet stone comes in different colors - burgundy, dark wine, green, yellow green.
It is a stone for the heart and is believed to strengthen the blood and the heart.
It is simultaneously soft and strong. It can soften our hearts and at the same time strengthen our hearts. Good to wear when going thru tough emotional times or when simply wanting to feel more heart centered.


Turquoise is a perfect stone for keeping well grounded and in the present. It is said to deflect negativity, to heal emotional wounds, to absorb tension and stress. Turquoise can make us feel stronger, healthier and more energetic. I wear it when I have to deal a lot with people, when I am at shows or when I want to be supported .
Native Americans used to say that by the color of turquoise they can tell if a person comes in anger, fear, malice, peace. Real turquoise that has not been stabilized takes on the oils and the acids from the body and changes the colors accordingly.

With most turquoise being stabilized*, it doesn't change colors any more.
A lot of stones that are sold as turquoise - even in high end boutiques and stores - are actually magnasite dyed turquoise.
It's good to find someone who knows their stones when purchasing turquoise.

*stabilized turquoise: most turquoise that has been mined in the last 10 plus years is so powdery and brittle, that it cannot be used for jewelry as is. It gets soaked in hot resin. The turquoise soaks up the resin and when it cools, it gets firm and can be cut into any shape.


All information on Birth Stones and Gemstones, as well as on the psychology of color, is for entertainment purposes only.
It is not meant as a diagnostic tool or any other advice.
Simply follow your own intuition and enjoy the splendor and wonders that these natural beauties have offered throughout history and continue to offer  to this day.


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