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I am passionate about creating and inspiring others to create to their heart's delight. Especially if you think you are not creative.


The outer world is going bonkers. Our nervous systems are frazzled and minds are on hyperdrive.

Creating with our hands calms the nervous system and resets the brain into a state of calm and peace. For many of us faster than meditation

When we create with our hands and play like kids - curious, engaged, experimenting, enjoying each moment - the constant chatter in our mind subsides. The brain balances. We feel pleasure, satisfaction, deep calm and joy.

That allows us to tackle tasks and challenges of daily life with confidence and inner srength. Instead of getting frustrated, tense and upset, we can stay balanced and find creative solutions.

Even if you haven't done anything creative before, or you think that you are not creative, you will have fun with my unconventional processes that are simple and playful. Yet, you get great looking tops and jewelry that light you up from the inside. You feel beautiful and alive.

When you are happy from inside, you can deal with daily challenges from a place of inner calm and joy.   


1.) Delight in short ways to create with the FREE "Joy of Creating with Fabrics - a compilation of short, fun ways to  make something beautiful within minutes - and less than an hour. Click HERE.

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4.)The Signature Course is LIVE!

"Hand painted Tops, Happiness and Joy"

A shortcut to fabulous art to wear for every day life.
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Have you been admiring these clothes and been wanting to make them yourself?
But couldn't figure out how to do them?

Or thought that they would be way to complicated? And out of your league?
Then you'll love this: they are fun, simple and playful to make! You can absolutely make them yourself! Why? Because I don't like complicated and involved processes.

And if you are anything like me, you want fun, easy methods that are joyful and produce stunning results - fast. Without messy, frustrating processes. You also want simple patterns that are easy to cut and sew.

Since that wasn't available, I came up with all my own methods and processes and super simple 2 seam patterns. Yes - 2 seams. Yet, they are flattering, they look fabulous, they are comfortable to wear and they make you feel beautiful and alive.

 In this Course I teach you everything to create these fabulous art pieces - the FUN and EASY way.

You will not find these unconventional techniques and processes anywhere else.  I teach you in short, easy steps how to get these stunning results with instant gratifications. Yup! It's totally fun!  You have a fabulous time - and you cultivate exquisite inner joy and calm.

All while creating your very own art to wear tops for happy every day life!

"Even though these pieces of art look like they would be difficult to do, they are so simple and playful to make. It's brilliant!" Karla M.
"It's so simple! It's brilliant." Priti B.

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