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About the Paint Designs

From the very beginning in 1987 I developed my own styles of painting. And keep experimenting and playing with new ways of painting joy onto garments.
I hand paint every single garment - free hand - one at a time.
No two are ever the same. You get a true original.
Differences in the paintings are the allure of hand painted art.

About the Fabrics

Growing up in Germany, when I did, meant growing up with respect for nature and natural resources.
I love using fabrics that are mostly considered eco-friendly and sustainable.
From tencels to linens, to rayons to cottons, or natural blends and occasionally ITY, you'll love the feel of my fabrics.

TENCEL is considered the "greenest" fabric. It is made from fast growing wood sources in a closed loop process. Meaning that about 98% of the solvent that is needed to turn the raw natural base product into fabric, is recycled back into a closed loop.

RAYON fabrics make fabulous lighter and medium-weight garments with a soft, fluid drape.
All of my rayon fabrics are made from sustainable wood pulp.
Many of my clients live in hot, humid climates and they adore these fabrics.

Sometimes I use rayon fabrics that have been hand-batiked in Bali. They are also made from wood pulp. They are usually twice as densely woven as the most commonly known thin Bali rayons and they are dyed with German dyes.
They drape gorgeously and feel really comfortable on the body.
And they last.

I am fascinated with the stunning colors and color combinations in Indian saris. At times I make tops and jackets out of them.
It's best to hand wash those beauties and dry them flat. Or dry clean them.

The Process

Marvin and I wash and dry all the fabrics first.
I cut the garments, and then hand paint them one by one, free-hand, with lots of joy.
You can feel it when you wear them.
Then the two of us sew every single piece. No outsourcing. Totally small eco-foot print.
Everything - from receiving the fabrics and paints, to the finished goods, to packing and shipping -  is done in our studio

Our studio is a happy place, where we enjoy creating these one-of-kind pieces of wearable art that enhance all kinds of moods: from serene to casually elegant, to playful, to bold, to wildly energetic.


For best results we recommend hand washing and drying flat.
However, you can safely machine wash and dry most of the clothing pieces. Even the hand painted ones.
For more details, please see Care Instructions.

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