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In order to provide you with easy care, we wash and dry the fabrics before we make the clothing.
As with all clothing, for the long life of your garments, we recommend hand wash cold, gently press water out, dry flat for knits or line dry wovens.

Use a simple detergent that is free of additives, perfumes, color fasteners or bleach.
No dryer sheets, no woolite, please.

You can also safely machine wash and dry the garments this way:
- turn item inside out.
- If you have a top loading washing machine, put it into a lingerie bag. It protects the fabric and serged edges from being twisted and pulled.
- if you have a front loading machine, just turn garment inside out. No lingerie bag needed.
- use a simple detergent that is free of additives, color fasteners, perfumes or bleach.
- no woolite, no dryer sheets, please.
- machine wash COLD, delicate cycle. After washing, take garment out of the lingerie bag.
- tumble dry LOW. If your dryer does not dry on low, put garment into dryer for 10 minutes and then line dry or dry flat. No dryer sheets.
This way you can enjoy your garments for many years to come.

Occasionally we make clothing from absolutely gorgeous Indian saris or fabric pieces that have triple weavings. They hold up much better if they are hand washed in cold water, gently squeezed out (do not wring them) and then dried flat. Or you can dry clean them.
We will specify that with the item in the description. 

Please, contact us  if you have questions or call 512 470 2553.

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