About Monika Astara

I love creating art - wearable and digital - that is soothing and uplifting.

In a world that is increasingly polarizing and disruptive, clothing and art - what we feel and what we see -  are such wonderful means to delight our senses, to uplift our souls and to create an energy field that makes us stronger, more confident and joyful. 
They greatly assist us in quieting the disturbances in our minds and stimulating joy, delight, curiosity, awe and wonder.

 My "Monika Astara" styles are fabulously flattering, casually elegant, simple, sophisticated, and look great on all body types.
And to top it off, they are easy to care for, fun to wear and they last.

All of the Monika Astara art  is entirely hand made with lots of joy by myself and Marvin,  my life partner, husband and best friend at our studio in Austin, USA.

And here's some more about Monika:
"I have always loved working with fabrics. When I was 10 years old I started making clothes from old curtains and any scraps of fabrics I could get my hands on. During College years sewing clothes that I couldn't find anywhere at night and wearing them the next day was recreational.  It didn't occur to me though that it could be a viable "career". That "happened" in my early thirties.

I sewed up a bunch of pretty wild, yet casually elegant looking clothes in very unusual fabric combinations: raw silks, animal print knits, satins, laces,  liquid gold and silver lamee, interlock knits. Embellished with gold and silver glitter paint and rhinestones.  Everything sold in one evening. In a very conservative town in Oregon - to professional women who all said that they had no idea they could have this much fun. When trying on, they were laughing, running up and down the stairs, dancing, joking with each other, saying that they have never felt this great in anything they own, nor have they ever had this much fun with each other.
That was the start of my "dream come true": creating clothes that are fun, casually elegant, and they make women of all sizes feel and look fabulous.

From 1994 to 2007 I had a boutique at the Hot Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It was a fun place with styles for every age and size. Very colorful, yet casually elegant. I got to dress women for everyday life, for presidential inaugurations and everything in between. Oprah called it "the best boutique" on her cross country tour. 
My clients called it "the transformation place. Where you fall in love with yourself and become happy."
Many lives got transformed in that boutique - including my own.

Since we moved to Austin, I mostly work out of my studio and sell wholesale to boutiques.
And enjoy trunk shows with fabulous women.
That is still the ultimate for me: to see women light up and be happy when they wear my clothes.

Try it! And have fun with it!!!


We use mostly designer end fabrics, that are eco friendly and sustainable.
 The paints are non-toxic and do not require the use of water. That is important to us at a time when water is one of the most precious natural resources.
Every single garment is joyfully made by Marvin and I at our studio in Austin, situated at the edge of 200 acres of breathtakingly beautiful grounds.

When you purchase these garments you can feel good about where they come from and what what is used to create them.

For details on the fabrics, click on "About the fabrics".

For more info, if you have questions or simply want to talk to me, please call 512 - 470 2553 or contact us