Monika Astara


- From the beginning (1987), long before there was even a term for it, I've used mostly eco-friendly fabrics and always sustainable processes. 
- I use non toxic paints that do not require the use of water. That is important to me. Especially now, in a time when water is one of the most precious natural resources.
- All of my products are joyfully hand made one by one by myself with some help from Marvin, my husband. There is no shipping or driving back and forth to outsource labor. We do everything - from receiving the base goods to shipping the finished products - at my studio in Austin, which is situated at the edge of breathtakingly beautiful grounds.
- all boxes, packing material etc. is recycled within my business.
- finished garments are never put into individual plastic garment bags.
- we wash and dry all fabrics to remove the sizing (a chemical coating that is put on most fabrics - including natural ones). That way garments can be washed and dried at home - saving $$$$ and time for trips to dry cleaners, as well as avoiding chemicals for cleaning. 
- fabrics that I do not use or bought too much of and "retired" sewing machines  are given to a fellow artist who teaches under privileged children how to sew.

When you purchase Monika Astara products, you can feel good about how they are made, where they come from and what is used to create them.

For more info please call 512 - 470 2553 or  contact us

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