Monika Astara
Image of Perfect Dress/Tunic - Cotton - Hand Block Printed - Hand Woven

Perfect Dress/Tunic - Cotton - Hand Block Printed - Hand Woven


Best cotton dress/tunic for these days. What you wear affects how you feel. This is the perfect replacement for those slouchy T-shirts and stretch pants: it is super comfy, looks great AND makes you feel great! Plus - you can go from home to shopping to restaurant to coffee without having to change clothes.
Awesome all day comfort and style.
If you want to jazz it up, put on a belt and wear jewelry with it.
It has a pocket on the right side.

Fits XS - L

The 100% cotton fabric was hand woven and hand printed by Indian master artisans. I did some more hand painting in the natural colored areas.
You can identify hand woven and hand block printed textiles by occasional irregularities that are the charm and mark of artisan made. Which makes them some of my absolute favorite fabrics. It is such a treat to run your hands over the texture of a hand made textile. It is inspiring and soothing to have something that is made entirely by hand.

These fabrics are amazing to wear in hot climates. And are equally fabulous in moderate climates.
When temps drop, just add a turtleneck and leggings and boots - and you are good to go.

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